The Mystic forest fashion experience

"When Worlds Collide continues to set the bar for fashion show in Houston" 

A regular hiking trail by day.

However, the night of June 28, 2018 this hiking trail became the runway for the most daring fashion show & experience Houston has ever seen, as nymphs, elves and fairies will take over our mystic forest.


Guests were able to experience pure, fairy tale magic  at the mystic forest fashion show.

They dared to be different and visited a magical, parallel universe as you stroll through our enchanted forest filled with mystical creatures.

The Mystic Forest fashion Show

When Worlds Collide Urban Fashion Show

WWC's Urban Fashion Show brought a very unique experience to Houston.
Filled with excitement and a blue chip list of guests the When Worlds Collide Urban fashion show truly set the bar high when it comes to fashion shows, yet it was but a preview of what's to come
 “This time the venue was an industrial warehouse space in Houston with its original brick walls, exposed iron ducts and metal beams that was built in the 1950’s as a rice mill.
This one-of-a-kind structure was home to  the coolest, most daring fashion show Houston ever saw 
 ENGOMICHU Is a Peruvian-American Fashion Brand, whom along with ISREL FONSCA joined forces and  gave Houston something unique.  
  Several elements came together to create not just a fashion show,  

  but a very a unique fashion experience.

           - 2 INCREDIBLE Fashion Designers  

           - 15 Models  

           - An aerial dancer , Nikki Knockout

           - Fire Dancers.

           - A fantastic live band . GYPSY MULLET

           - A fabulous DJ. Goldline Entertainment

           - A light show to be remembered. MSU Production

           - COMPLEMENTARY BEER, courtesy of KARBACH BREWING CO.  


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